STR Mechanical is a leading HVAC specialist in Charlotte, North Carolina

Who we are

We feel that nothing is more important than to give our customers the quality of workmanship that they expect, pay for, and deserve. By growing and succeeding on the strength of our reputation, we strive to take care of each and every need of our customers, employees, and vendors. Whether the needs are service, installation, replacement, or temperature controls; we have the experience and expertise to excel in all of these areas to surpass our customer’s expectations.

Since we grew up in Charlotte, and in the HVAC business, we have seen the city grow into one the nation’s fastest growing cities as well as a financial power house. Since this has always been our home, there is a tremendous desire to do our part to improve our city in every possible way. That’s why STR works hard to improve our environment, and works with several organizations to improve others way of life. With management having over fifty years of combined experience, we are poised to be a leader in the city and in their field for years to come.

Our Mission

To be the very best HVAC company in the South by being dedicated to the utmost honest and fairness to our customers and employees. We will strive to put reputation and integrity as our highest goals. Profit will be a secondary goal as we know that if we put others first along with our reputation, we will surely succeed.

Our Values

We realize that actions speak louder than words. Our goal of service and growth is in our name: 
Success Through Reputation

Maintaining the highest ethical standards with our customers and employees. Striving to be fair, honest, and truthful with all our dealings.
Individual Respect
Living by the “golden rule” to treat others as you wish to be treated yourself. Designing our company’s policies and practices to consider the best terms of people’s health, safety, self-esteem, and opinions.
Always maintaining open lines of communication with customers, employees, and vendors; in terms of frankness, clarity, accuracy, and honesty.
Keeping promises and commitments at all times to customers, employees, and vendors. Doing what we say we will do when we say it. Being on time, providing the highest quality work, and most effective solutions for your needs.
Every job or project will be of nothing but the highest quality to be governed by the best ethical standard. A good name is more important than money, and we will strive to make it our most valuable asset.

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