Maintenance Agreements

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Overview of Agreements

STR Mechanical provides comprehensive support for HVAC systems. We offer several maintenance agreement types including preventative maintenance, labor maintenance, and full maintenance. STR Mechanical has a team of highly trained professionals to help properly maintain HVAC systems to high performance standards.

Preventative Maintenance Agreements

Preventive Maintenance is a schedule of planned maintenance actions aimed at the prevention of breakdowns and failures for your HVAC system. We take this meaning very seriously, and we do what we say!

This agreement typically includes all necessary labor and material needed to properly maintain your system. Generally the materials included are: filters, belts, lubricants, and coil cleaners. We are also providing inspections for all equipment, checking its operation, safety controls, and performance, all while fine tuning the system for optimum operation. While we strive to prevent breakdowns in your system, it will eventually occur with any mechanical equipment. When these breakdowns occur, we will respond quickly and efficiently to return your system to its normal operating condition.

Labor Maintenance Agreements

This agreement still provides our comprehensive service to properly maintain your system and our dedication to work hard to prevent breakdowns. All of the planned scheduling for the maintenance still applies and all maintenance material is also included. Many times it is a little easier on the budget if some of the unexpected breakdowns can be somewhat capped and these repair costs are a little less of a surprise. Basically, you pay for only repair parts or material, but all the labor is included. This applies to any emergency repairs 24 hours a day. This agreement is a wise choice for those businesses or facilities that have conditions where the repairs are labor intensive.

Full Maintenance Agreements

An HVAC system is a substantial investment for any business or facility. Keeping it properly maintained is a priority, in order to protect that investment. Many of our customers prefer a fixed cost for their mechanical maintenance. Knowing what the costs are on an annual basis, will allow each owner to budget this at the beginning of the year and get no surprises along the way. In addition to regularly scheduled maintenance, any repairs whether planned or unplanned are covered by this agreement. In most cases, the costs per year are less than paying for repairs on a pay as you go basis. Basically, it is an all inclusive agreement providing excellent preventive maintenance and great service.

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