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Direct Digital Controls

STR Mechanical has a control system that can operate your facility at peak performance and creates an easy integration to existing building systems. While serving many different types of controls, it has allowed our technicians to become familiar with just about everything available, and allows a compatible interface to all mechanical systems. Servicing both the mechanical and temperature control systems in your facility will lead to better efficiency, energy savings, building comfort, and performance advantages.

Special Control Services

STR Mechanical offers a series of special services consisting of energy management, new installations, retrofits, and performance based projects. All of our temperature control installations are friendly and cost effective in providing you with a complete building automation system.


With a Direct Digital Control System, you can improve energy efficiency, reduce operating costs, improve comfort, lower maintenance costs, identify problems with equipment quickly, and increase equipment life. A software framework based system offers you the following benefits and much more

Web Based Control System

Your building’s system can be accessed from anywhere that has internet access. This offers you an easy means of accessing your buildings system whether you are at home or even on vacation. It allows you to be in control of your building even away from your office.

User Friendly

It contains a very easy to use front end, that allows you to view and make any changes necessary to your system. Nobody wants a system they can’t figure out how to use. It has graphics that allows you to see, in real time, if your unit is operating the way it should be.

Expansion and Upgrades

This system will operate on BACnet, Lon, or even many other proprietary communications. This gives you more possibilities in the future for upgrading or even expanding. This also allows for the ease of switching over to a new system. If your building operates on one of these communication networks, then it is very likely that we can install an open protocol based front end on top of your existing control system.

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